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Competitive Incentives & Key Initiatives Advanced Propulsion Centre

Competitive Incentives & Key Initiatives Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC): As part of the Automotive Strategy, Government and industry are jointly investing over ?1bn over the next 10 years in the APC Regional Growth Fund (RGF): Over ?230m has been allocated to Automotive companies to date. Innovate UK: A competitive fund supporting investments in technologically driven transport projects – Over ?310m has been allocated to Automotive companies to date. Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI): Funding of ?120m for R&D, skills training, and capital investment for supply chain companies. Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV): The Government has committed ?500m to support the development and uptake of ULEVs all the way out to 2020. Employer Ownership Funding: Up to 50% contribution to training costs for transferrable skills up to a value of ?2m. R&D Tax credits: R&D Tax Credits is a scheme allowing companies to reclaim a significant percentage of their development costs back in cash whether you are profitable or pre-revenue. High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVM): A ?200m scheme providing UK business with a gateway to access the best manufacturing talent and facilities in the country. The Patent Box: provides an effective corporation tax rate of 10% on profits from patents registered in the UK or European patent offices. 3. Supportive Business Environment. 26.

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