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Low Carbon Technologies

Low Carbon Technologies. 2. Transformational Research & Development. Ambitious EU & UK emissions targets are increasing the demand for ultra low emission vehicles , including hybrids and electric vehicles. The UK Government and automotive industry are investing heavily to make the UK a world leader in research and development for electric and hybrid vehicles. They have committed ?1bn to the new Advanced Propulsion Centre to support the development of next-generation propulsion technologies from research through to mass-manufacture. Regulatory CO2 targets are in place around the world, with the EU targeting a fleet average for new cars of 95g of CO2 per kilometre by 2021. The UK Government’s vision is that by 2050 almost every car and van in the UK will be an ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV), with the UK automotive industry at the forefront of their design, development, and adoption. The UK has a long-term, stable and comprehensive policy framework to support the transition to ULEVs, backed by significant funding commitment of ?400m to 2015 and a further ?500m from 2015-2020: Funding to stimulate demand for ultra low emission cars and vans Support for ultra low emission taxis and buses Support for the development of infrastructure Funding for research & development. Similarly, The Proving Factory is helping companies in hybrid power to commercialise their technologies. 23.

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