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Breadth of ISO’s work in recent years

Breadth of ISO’s work in recent years. New ISO groups touching upon sustainability pillars of: Environment Economic Societal. 2011 Project, programme & portfolio mgt Additive manufacturing Facilities management Outsourcing Risk management Bionics Fireworks Coal bed methane Carbon capture and storage 2013 Sludge recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal Biotechnology Sustainable purchasing Anti-bribery management system – Requirements Innovation process: interaction, tools and methods Management consultancy Fine bubble technology Water re-use Occupational Health & Safety MS requirements Clean cookstoves and cooking solutions Collaborative business relationship management – Framework Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products – Requirements Educational organizations management systems - Requirements with guidance for use. 2012 Railway applications Sustainable development in communities Plastics and rubber machines Compliance programs Forensic sciences Customer contact centres Light and lighting 2014 Brand evaluation Online reputation Domestic gas cooking appliances Security Feed machinery 2015 Guidance on unit pricing Audit data collection. Page 8.

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