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ISO sponsorship & training programmes

ISO sponsorship & training programmes. Workshops / Training attended. EASC countries. Regional workshop on Economic benefits of standards: how to assess and quantify the impact of standards using the ISO methodology, Singapore, 31 March- 04 April Total participants: 2. Kazakhstan (2). Participating in ISO/TC meetings: sponsorship programme for NSBs in developing countries: Sponsorships to ISO/CASCO WG 42 (17011) first meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 11-13 November Total participant: 1. Uzbekistan (1). ISO Secretaries week: understanding ISO procedures and using ISO IT tools for technical work, 16th ISO Secretaries week, Geneva, Switzerland, 10-14 February Total participant: 1. Russian Federation (1). Regional Forum on strategic topics in standardization management for CEOs of NSB in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Astana, Kazakhstan, 5-7 August 2014 Total participants: 12. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus (2), Georgia, Tajikistan (2), Uzbekistan (2) Local Participants: Kazakhstan 3. Good practices on Education about Standards: Awareness for NSB and Academia: Regional workshop on Enhancing collaboration between NSBs and Academia, Belgrade, Serbia, 8-10 October 2014 Total participants: 17. Armenia (2), Azerbaijan (2), Belarus (2), Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan (2), Moldova (2), Tajikistan (2), Ukraine (2) and Uzbekistan (2). Good standardization practice: Awareness for NSB and their Stakeholders: Regional course on Good Standardization Practice, Vilnius, Lithuania, 6-7 October 2014 Total participants: 7. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan Ukraine. Marketing and communication on ISO standards for NSB Regional Marketing and Communication workshop on International Standards, Warsaw, Poland, 8-12 December Total participants: 11. Armenia (2), Azerbaijan (2), Georgia, Kazakhstan (2), Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine (2).

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