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Document Camera. Elmo DT-150AF PAL Desktop Presenter Portable (1.9 kg) Zoom capability Remote Control $. SRCOS 2005. 10.

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«Предлоги в английском» - Mr and Mrs Kelly have been married since 1978. Предлоги и их перевод. Practice. Предлоги в английском. Keys. My cousin often visits me on her holidays. Предлоги времени. Prepositions. Предлоги места. I usually finish work at 5.30. Emma left school ten years ago. Период времени. Fill in the gaps with the right preposition of time.

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«Reading» - In it she introduced Hercule Poirot ,the Belgian detective who appeared then in 33 novels and 54 short stories. Reading is one of the best hobbies you could have. In 1930 ,she wrote a powerful detective story,The Murder at the Vicarage. Reading is a way for me to relax and to use imagination. Books have influenced all my life.

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