<<  4. You like black coffee, … 10  >>
7. We haven’t got much time, …

7. We haven’t got much time, …? a …, do we? b …, don’t we? c …, haven’t we? 8. Sam doesn’t work hard, …? a …, is he? b …, does he? c …, isn’t he? 9. There will be a nice film on TV tonight, …? a …, won’t there? b …, will it? c …, will there?

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«Symbols of the USA» - Thomas Jefferson Memorial. White House. The Lincoln Memorial. American flag. Liberty Bell. Official Flower. Statue of Liberty. Mount Rushmore. Symbols of the USA. Spiritual side. Great Seal of the United States. Eagle. The Motto.

«Американский и британский английский» - Британский английский. Не удивительно, что, скажем такой оборот, как I seen him, становиться языковой нормой. Разное написание при одинаковом произнесении. Грамматика. Британский английский - язык науки и международной политики. Аспект исторический. Американский английский - пропагандирует простоту, не знающую разумных пределов.

«Бостонское чаепитие» - Since all the tea was thrown into the water, this event got the name The Boston Tea Party. It was the War for Independence of the American colonies. The Americans had to pay taxes of almost all important products such as sugar, coffee, tea and wine. The British policy was very strict. Patience of Americans came to an end in 1773.

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«The United States of America» - Chicago. USA is the fourth largest country in the world. It borders Canada, Mexica. Detroit today - the ruined city of the United States. The largest cities are: The United States of America. Houston. Boston. Baltimore. USA is made up of 50 states and the District of Columbia. Its sea borders are Russia.

«New York» - Board of Parole continued. Catholics comprise more than 40% of the population in New York. Outside the prison fence: Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) programs vary by counties in New York. Women are involved in the program for one year. BOARD OF PAROLE: The Board of Parole consists of up to 19 members.


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