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«Уильям шекспир» - Shakespeare's birth place. Family Allegiance. On April 23,1616, Shakespeare died. William Shakespeare. 1603, Shakespeare took control over Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste death but once. New Globe Theaters. “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar“. Facts About Shakespeare!

«Biography of William Shakespeare» - Шекспир Уильям. Этапы мероприятия. Литературная гостиная, посвящённая творчеству У. Шекспира. Divide Shakespeare’s plays into tragedies and comedies. From “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”. In 1567 Shakespeare went to London to find a job. Цели и задачи мероприятия. We have mentioned the main facts in Shakespeare's biography.

«Shakespeare» - 1609. HERE W. SHAKESPEARE SPENT HIS LAST YEARS OF HIS LIFE. ENGLAND MIDLANDS STRATFORD. OTHELLO. 1623. ROMEO AND JULIET. Did he have a family? Nobody knows… When and where did W. Shakespeare die? HOLY TRINITY CHURCH STRATFORD. Shakespeare wrote: 37 plays 154 sonnets 2 poems. When and where did W.Shakespeare live?

«William Shakespeare» - ? worked both as an actor and a writer. ? His father - a fairly rich merchant. William Shakespeare – some biographical notes. ? opened in 1599. Ups and downs. The Globe Theatre. The end of his life. Looking back. Shakespeare‘s schooling. London. Wife and Children. ? He became one of the principal investors.

«William Shakespeare на английском» - Groundlings. Shakespeare and his fellow theatre colleagues. William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet. England. Family behind and arrives in London. Comedy. William Shakespeare’s Background. Burbage brothers. Here he studied Latin and Greek. Theatre burned.

«Life of William Shakespeare» - Music to hear. Уильям Шекспир. Радостно и звонко. Coat of arms. Drama. Three days later. Poems. Grammar school. Great tragedies. Sonnets. The bust of Shakespeare in the church. London and theatrical career. Creativity. Recreated theater. Early years. Зачем же любишь то, что так печально. The third period.

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