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The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is a monument in Washington D.C. that recognizes a powerful leader of our country during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln. It took 4 years to build. The building, designed by Henry Bacon and styled after a Greek Temple, has 36 columns representing the states of the union at the time of Abraham Lincoln's death. Inside are two murals, two tablets with the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural Address, and a heroic statue of Lincoln.

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«The sights of the USA» - The monument was completed and dedicated in 1885. The Four Corners. It is located in the New York harbor near Ellis Island. This is how it got the name the Whitehouse. His body was found in a bathroom. Grand Canyon. Vendors sell handmade jewelry, crafts and traditional foods nearby. Alcatraz. Construction was completed in 1800.

«Американский и британский английский» - Американский английский. Пунктуация. Особенности и отличия. Аспект исторический. План работы. Американский и британский английский - вечные соперники. Изучение учебников на использование американского и британского английского. Разное произношение при одинаковом написании. Понятия, обозначаемые разными терминами и выражениями.

«New York» - 2007 Parolees. Police Department Mission Priorities: INSTITUTIONAL CORRECTIONS. According to the 2007 NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Services. Establish a structured environment that fosters respect through disciplined learning. Women are involved in the program for one year. The New York State Police.

«The United States of America» - Boston. It occupies the southern part of North America. The total area of the country is 59 million. USA is made up of 50 states and the District of Columbia. Detroit today - the ruined city of the United States. Atlanta. San Francisco. The longest river is the Mississippi – Missoury, 6,019 kilimetres.

«Бостонское чаепитие» - The British policy was very strict. To do this several Americans dressed as Indians went on board the ships secretly and acted according to their plan. The Americans had to pay taxes of almost all important products such as sugar, coffee, tea and wine. The Americans had the plan not to take this tea but to drop all of it into the water.

«Sport in the USA» - The major american ideologies. Young capitalist nation. Population is 293 million. America is a decentralised society. US sporting stars. The most popular cultural. USA. Sport in the USA. Modifications to games. The USA is driven by capitalism. College players. The size of the state. Commercialism. US sport means business.

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