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Tradition of Gifting

Tradition of Gifting. Black Friday and Festive Spirit. People are always happy to receive presents and to give them to the relatives and acquaintances. Thanksgiving Day is the best opportunity to express your gratitude and esteem to all your beloved dearest and nearest, to the people you live under one roof or work together. You can choose a great number of various surprises, only consider thoroughly the preferences of the person you want to give present to and buy thanksgiving flowers, or jewelry, or baked cookie hampers, or chocolate gift baskets, or candy-wreaths, or wine and so on. The Christmas festivities starts with the Thanksgiving Day. People go shopping in order to buy various food and presents for the families and friends. They call the day after thanksgiving 'Black Friday'. It can be explained by the fact that the accountants put down the gain using black ink. The owners of different stores are very glad to watch their return rising with every hour. Everybody feels happiness on these days and tries to make happy their relatives and friends. People invite each other to the cafes, give each other presents, adorn their houses.

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