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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland is made up of

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland is made up of four historical parts. They are: England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland.

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«Princess Diana» - They married on July 29, 1981 in St. In 1980 Diana appeared on the world stage as the future bride of Charles, the next king of England. Soon after the two were tragically killed in a car crash in Paris. Princess Diana. As a single woman Diana put all of her energy into her two sons and her charity work.

«Florence Nightingale» - First try to answer these questions. Finish the sentences choosing the correct ending. Nightingale's final years. Crowded and dirty. Florence Nightingale. Florence felt that God had called her to help others. Meaningless. Nightingale continued her travels. Germany. Nightingale’s career in nursing began in 185.

«History of Great Britain» - Buffetiers were guards in the palace of French kings. Burn him in a tub of tar. Hip hip hoorah hoorah! A farthing o' cheese to choke him. A penny loaf to feed the Pope. Hip hip hoorah! Gunpowder plot. They protected the king's food. Traditional rhymes. Guy Fawkes’ Night. Meet The Ravens. Burn him like a blazing star.

«The United Kingdom» - The capital of the country is London. The largest lake is Lough Neagh in Nothern Ireland. It borders Ireland. The total area of the country is 244 thousand sq km. The highlands are in the nothern part of the country. It is located in the Scottish Highland. The lowlands are in the southern part of the country.

«Great Britain and Northern Ireland» - There are more than 1000 rooms. Thames flows through London. Tartan. Also known as the Saltire, it is one of the oldest country flags. Northern Ireland. Wales. Dating to the 12th century, the historic cross of St. Other British symbols. King Henry VIII with his wives. Royal Banner of the King or Queen of the United Kingdom Today.

«Churchill» - Churchill’s four wars. I never criticize the government of my country abroad. Pigs look at us as on equal. Churchill united the nation under the fighting against fascism. Death. Aphorisms. Even the Soviet television showed the mourning reporting. Questions. In autumn 1897 he joined the army to suppress the pushtunski rebel.

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